Ida Sola visiting Italy.

Americans love to talk about their roots. The history of American immigration has created an environment in which one’s background and familial history has become an important part of American identity. Unlike other similar developed nations, the United States is primarily full of immigrants and their descendants, creating a plethora of identities that contribute to a rich nation of differences. Moreover, the role of immigration in America has been the subject of a 200 year discussion that revolves around everything from stigmas to the state of the economy to foreign policy. 

The United States and Argentina, nations of immigrants, have a long history of encouraging and discussing the policies around immigration based on the zeitgeist of any given moment in time. Throughout the years, statistics and sociohistorical data have only told a portion of the story, excluding the intimate details and personal tales that familial stories account for. This website will present and document the stories of Italians who immigrated to the United States and Argentina, increasing the presence of personal stories in the studies of immigration. This will be an archive of personal stories and historical artifacts that tell the tales of Italian immigrants to the United States and Argentina during the 19th and 20th Centuries.